Coworking Cafes: Your Next Best Workstation

Coworking Cafes: Your Next Best Workstation

With the global pandemic changing lifestyles of the people worldwide, there are a few major changes that corporate businesses have undergone during these tough times. One of them is adapting to the ‘work from home’ culture. This was not very much known and popular in a country like India, until and unless the deadly pandemic turned the tables for everyone. Now the term ‘Work from Home’ is not just restricted to homes, but it applies to working from anywhere. Any such place that might provide you with a suitable environment to work might be your best fit! The beauty of this newly brought ongoing trend is the freedom to work from anywhere. Till one has their working system, along with a to-do list, they are good to go for the day.


But now the question is are all working places the same? Is it not true that some environments are more conducive to productivity and motivation than others?


We have got it all figured out. At the end of this blog, you might just know how coworking cafes in Gurgaon, or coworking cafes (in general) can be bliss for all kinds of working professionals out there.


Undoubtedly, nothing compares to your favorite coffee shop that might be just a walk away from your place. A place with a totally comfortable environment, and where you can just sit and work for hours while binging on your favorite snacks. Also, with free internet, it becomes a rather convenient option to work and chill at the same time, instead of just looking out for other reliable coworking spaces nearby. But, does that coffee shop provide you an ideal option, while thinking in a broader perspective?

No, the answer is absolutely no! First of all, an eatery like a coffee shop or a dessert parlor is designed to have guests for a limited number of hours. So, while you plan to sit and work there all day, the management might not want the same as you might not be as benefitting to them as a customer who orders much more in that particular amount of time. Whereas, this might not be the case when we talk about coworking cafes in Gurgaon or any other prime locations in Delhi-NCR. These coworking spaces are specifically designed for longer work hours duration with a mindset of providing the best possible work environments for the visitors.

Secondly, a regular cafe can be a little expensive on your pocket too. The prices in such eateries are comparatively higher depending upon the target audience they might aim at. For instance, a cup of coffee might cost you around Rs 400-500 here, and if you work 6 hours (on a daily basis) on approx, that means around 2-3 cups daily, and now you can do the math! On the other hand, coworking cafes in Gurgaon provide you with food and beverages at much affordable rates. This means you can sit in a perfectly designed coworking space, for longer hours, and with like-minded individuals but all of this, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Moving onto the little details

Your favorite coffee house might provide you with free internet but that would not be good enough as per the professional working hours, especially when we are looking at an average of 6 hours daily. A nice cafe might allow you free internet for 30-45 minutes or so. A better cafe might increase this time limit to say, 60 minutes or more. If a person needs to use more of it, they would be required to pay for it. Moreover, cafe broadbands are just made for casual browsing that a person might require to check while sipping on the coffee. The speed is low, and just not good enough for the professional work that a freelancer or any other working professional might require.


A regular cafe might take it very kindly on you, especially during the rush hours. The constant staring by the staff can get you a bit more uncomfortable, and to avoid the same, a person might end up buying something every hour or the other. As mentioned prior, this can cost you much more than expected, and calorie intake is not even in consideration yet.


Today, a person can find a lot of options in coworking cafes in Gurgaon. Depending on various factors such as location, budget, accessibility, an ideal spot can be easily filtered out. Moving further, a regular cafe might just have a tap for coffee, whereas coworking spaces offer you options for both tea and coffee, like most corporate office pantries, and there you are, sorted! These coworking spaces are also well equipped with other basic amenities like those of a printer, portable charging spots, and much more.

Coworking Cafes with Hands Down!

The current generation is blessed to be born in an era where there is a possibility of working remotely. It has unshackled us from the stifling environs of corporate cubicles. The choices today are a comfy café or a comfier coworking space. When you sit down to compare the two, it becomes evident that shared coworking spaces are the better alternative. We, at Sparsa Cafe, ensure that you make the most out of your working hours at our premises. Experience the amazing vibes and increase in productivity while working amid the lush green & serene surroundings. And if you’re the one looking for that finely brewed coffee too, we promise we are here for you. Get in touch with us today & schedule your appointment.

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