Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Complete and Binding Agreement. All preliminary negotiations between the Parties are merged into and superseded by, the terms of this agreement will not be enforceable until signed by both Management and Member. Any modification to this agreement must be in writing, signed by both Parties.
  2. For all Coworking Plans, Sparsa Cafe & Co-work reserves the right to require the client to submit the required points of Identification (“the Documentation”), and reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to terminate the plan if the Documentation is not received.
  3. Noise Level. Members will maintain a noise level that will permit all members to work without disturbance.
  4. Termination Notice. Sparsa Cafe & Co-work reserves the right to terminate any service at any time. Sparsa Cowork further reserves the right to terminate your participation in the use of any Services, immediately and without notice, if you fail to adhere to the Basic Etiquettes.
  5. The premises will be used only by the designated members, any addition of members will be subject to the approval of management on payment of charges.
  6. The management of the cafe will not be liable to make any payment /damages to any customer for any loss that is caused due to technical failure/power shutdown/ internet failure or any other cause beyond the control of the management/act of god.
  7. Not Allowed:
  • Alcoholic Drinks are neither served nor allowed in the premises.
  • Outside Food
  • Nuisance 
  • Date change is not allowed

Working Days- Monday to Friday

Timing- 9 am to 6:30 pm

Payment terms- Full advance payment


Service Plans are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Subscriptions are for designated users only, and are non-transferable, non-modifiable and cannot be shared by any third party.
  2. Coworking Space usage is only limited to the subscribed user.
  3. Sparsa Cafe & Co-work reserves the right to provide alternative facilities should any Coworking Space be not available, and the right to impose charges on the usage of non-subscribed services.
  4. This arrangement doesn’t create any relationship of lessor or lease or landlord and tenant between the parties, It is purely a temporary arrangement to provide service of cafe to its customers on a short term basis/need based. 
  5. Sparsa Cafe & Co-work shall provide the Member with the subscribed Service Plans (“Plan Inclusions”) specified:
    1. Dedicated Desk Plan – This service plan that entitles the Member to use a dedicated desk within Sparsa Cafe & Co-work with Wi-Fi connectivity, for their agreed working hours & days only, no lock is available for the desk spaces.
    2. Open Desk plan –  This service plan that entitles the Member to use any of the available desks, for their agreed working hours & days only (which are not under reserved /dedicated desk arrangement) within Sparsa Cafe & Co-work with Wi-Fi connectivity.




The Member shall not:

  1. Conduct himself/herself in an unprofessional and irresponsible manner or act in any way that may cause nuisance, annoyance or injury to the other Members/users of Sparsa Cafe & Co-work.
  2. Occupy space for commercial display, product display, storage, lodging, sleeping, or for immoral or illegal purposes.
  3. Leave personal belongings unattended. Sparsa Cafe & Co-work is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings. Unattended personal belongings might be removed by on-duty Sparsa team members.
  4. Impede or interfere with Sparsa’s right of possession, control of the Center and operations.
  5. Use the Center otherwise than for the Member’s business and in any event shall not permit the Center, Plan Inclusions or Services provided, to be used for any illegal activity.
  6. By way of charges payable to Sparsa Cafe & Co-work by the Member, the Member agrees that, in the event that the Member entices, convinces or otherwise causes an existing Member of Sparsa Cafe & Co-work to vacate the Premises, to pay to Sparsa Cafe & Co-work a commission equal to 12-month’s rental of the company that has been enticed or convinced to vacate the Premises.
  7. Alter, install, remove or damage any furniture, fixtures, decorative materials, office equipment, IT cabling and telecommunications tools from within Sparsa Cafe & Co-work’s.
  8. Use the address of the cafe as their permanent / temporary/  business correspondence address.
  9. Space, allocated desks, dedicated workspaces and common areas, in which the Members have had access. Sparsa Cafe & Co-work shall have the right to claim compensation from the member for repairs, replacement, loss or damages if caused due to their negligence or misuse, 


The Member shall:

  1. Observe and adhere to all the rules and regulations updated from time to time made by Sparsa Cafe & Co-work for the management of the Center.
  2. Agree that Sparsa Cafe & Co-work’s Coworking Space, allocated desks and dedicated/ open workspaces are under 24-hour CCTV surveillance. Sparsa Cafe & Co-work will only provide CCTV footage based on the request of local law enforcers, complying to local enforcement law.
  3. Be liable for any damage caused by the Member or by those in Sparsa Cafe & Co-work Centers with the Member’s permission or at the Member’s invitation, whether express or implied including but not limited to all the Member’s employees, contractors, agents or other persons present at Sparsa Cafe & Co-work. In the event of such damage, Sparsa Cafe & Co-work shall be entitled to take all steps necessary to rectify the same.
  4. Vacate the daily allocated office unit along with all personal belongings prior or at the end of every business day.




Sparsa Cafe & Co-work shall:

  1. Keep the facilities in the Center in working order and proper cleaned and equipped
  2. Have the ultimate right to remove the Member from the Center
  3. Provide reception and switchboard services during normal opening hours, Monday to Friday (excluding official public holidays). Subject to Sparsa Cafe & Co-work’s discretion, which will be communicated to all members well in advance.


Sparsa Cafe & Co-work customer information form


      Date :_________


Service start date : _____________

Service period      : _____________


User details

Name :                                         ______________________________________


Organization name :                    ______________________________________


PAN no. :                                    ______________________________________


GST no. (optional) :                   ______________________________________


Registered Address :                  ______________________________________




Aadhar card no. :                       ______________________________________


Total Amount :                          _____________


Advance received :                   _____________


Declaration : I have understood the T&C of work and have agreed to abide by the same.



Signature (with stamp): 


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